VETO Best In Show Junior 4

Junior World Winner!!!


VETO @ CAC Zakrzów

HIGH ESTEEM Just Weimaraner "MINA"

Canadian Champion

(ENJOY LIFE Just Weimaraner "BLUE" x ALFREDO PRINCE Silver Sfinx "ALF")

owner: Cristoforo Glenn Signori

Thank you Cris for your trust, for your amazing three visits here in Mikołów and for your love of Mina and our grey family! ALL THE BEST!!!

MINA (2 months old)

MINA with CRIS (last day in Poland)

"love you sooo much"

MINA's travel!
(from Mikołów to the airport Kraków, then from Kraków to Muenchen and from Muenchen to Toronto)

... with Cris at the airport in Kraków - Balice
last moments in Poland...

my sweet baby!

I am sooo cute!

almost ready for the long journey ahead

"My friend Snoopy is with me. Everything will be OK!"

MINA's last walk in Poland...

Bye bye dear MINA...
... and finally:

MINA visiting Cris' father

Mina's first dip in Heart Lake

MINA and Cris with Barb Heuman
Echobar Kennels in Shelburne, Ontario :)

"MINA" /soon 4 months old/ is learning the "down" command at Campaign Dog Academy :)

soon 4 months old - bravo Mina!!



Our MINA's (HIGH ESTEEM Just Weimaraner) very first show in Canada!!!
UKC Rockton, Ontario:


Thank you very much Cris!
We are more than proud and happy, because we know, it was also your first dog show!!

MINA almost 5 months old

MINA and her first snow!



Super news from our canadian girl!
MINA's collection of ribbons after three shows in Chatham, Ontario
The shows were organized and operated by the Kent Kennel Club.
Big congrats and thank you Cris!


Guelph and District Kennel Club (Canada)
HIGH ESTEEM Just Weimaraner 'Mina' (the first from left, long tail of course)

Mina (1 year old)


Our BLUE's (BIS, C.I.B., JCh, Ch, Club Winner ENJOY LIFE Just Weimaraner) daughter

HIGH ESTEEM Just Weimaraner 'MINA'

started with the title Best Female/BOS her Canadian championship

@ the Credit Valley Kennel and Obedience Club

2 x All Breed Championship Dog Shows Orangeville Ontario.

Judge (4.11.2017): Ms. W. Paquette.

Judge (5.11.2017): Ms. A. Mills

Huge congrats Cris & Mina!

W dniu 4.11.2017 na wystawie w Orangeville Ontario pochodząca z naszej hodowli HIGH ESTEEM Just Weimaraner 'MINA' (córka BLUE) rozpoczęła Championat Kanady,

uzyskując tytuł najlepszej suki w rasie oraz BOS. W drugim dniu Mina zdobyła kolejny punkt w drodze do Championatu :)


MINA is on the way to her Canadian Championship title!

The Caledon Kennel Club's shows at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario

Judges: Ms. N. Libera, Mr. J. Richardson, Ms. J. Stacy, Mr. B. Blid von Schedvin

Mina has now 5/10 points :)

Big congrats and thank you Cris!

24.2.2018, the Canadian Kennel Club, Mina's Novice Rally Title!!!

Mina completed all the work for her first title in Rally! She scored 92% and a first place finish :)

Huge congrats Cris & Mina!


HIGH ESTEEM Just Weimaraner "MINA" did it again!!!
Scarborough Kennel Club Dog Shows in Mono, Ontario:
*** 9.3.2018, judge Ms. L. St. Hilaire: BEST OF BREED
***11.3.2018, judge Mr. K. Kaemling: 1st place, Best Female
Now MINA has 7/10 points
Huge congrats and thank you Cris! Brava MINA!

Yesss, MINA did it again and has now 8/10 points for her CANADIAN CHAMPION title

(Not so easy in Canada with her long tail...)
HIGH ESTEEM Just Weimaraner "MINA" @ the Guelph & District Kennel Club in Fergus, Ontario. Judge: Mrs. L. Saranchuk.
Huge congrats and thank you Cris!



❤️Wooohooo!! Fantastic news from CANADA!❤️
HIGH ESTEEM Just Weimaraner 'Mina' is now
Yesss, our girl with the undocked tail!! 🤣
The Crown Classic Dog show presented by the Caledon Kennel Association at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Judge Ms. M. Kipp: Mina won Winners Bitch.
The second show, Judge Ms. V. Lyne: Winners Bitch. Mina has now 15 of 10 points required for her Canadian Championship!!
Huge congrats and a big thank you to Mina's fantastic owner Cris Signori 😍😘😘😘